When I Grow Up

Patrick George

  • £6.50

When I grow up…

This is an acetate flip book from Patrick George. 

Imagine rummaging in the dressing-up box and coming across an eye patch. Put it on and become a pirate!

In this book a simple item on a transparent acetate sheet will magically transform the child on the page. At such a young age you may dream of becoming an astronaut, zoo keeper or a superhero – anything is possible! 

The children featured in this book do not restrict themselves to your average aspirations such as train drivers, secretaries, builders, teachers, nurses: they are far more imaginative than that. They want to be artists, scientists, superheroes, film stars, pilots, tennis players, pirates, zookeepers, astronauts and clowns. 

There are opportunities galore for follow-up activities: paired reading, older pupils working with younger ones to make their own book, making lists of the pros and cons of various jobs, interviewing parents and people from the local community about their jobs, inviting the school caretaker to talk about his or her job, making a class book about hopes for the future… and so on.   

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