Great gifts for new mums and dads

It can be tricky to know what to get for a new mum or dad.

We have put together a selection of items which are focused on making the early days at home caring for a newborn, as easy as possible for both mum and dad.

Included is a selection of baby care products, which are perfect for delicate new skin and make excellent gifts. All items we stock are made from the purest ingredients. Our PLANTiful castile soap for example, is only made from the very purest olive oil. Most new parents are told to use olive oil on cotton wool buds on any sensitive dry skin, so this soap bar is the perfect alternative, and a great gift!

For those interested in coconut oil as an alternative to olive oil, we also have our Kokoso coconut oil. This comes in a perfectly portable pot, so it will easily fit into mum or dad's changing bag - another fab gift.

Our baby bundles of glass baby bottles are a great gift, and come as a gift pack for new parents. These bottles are the healthiest baby bottles you can use for your little one, made of glass and food grade silicone. They are gorgeous too! Bright and colourful, and would be a wonderful gift.

You'll also find a great selection of teething jewellery, both necklaces and bangles which are made from food grade silicone, perfect for wearing as a distraction from hair pulling if breast feeding, great to hand over to them to prevent too much wriggling when nappy changing and of course, perfect for teething! These come in geometric designs and a multitude of colours, so they can be worn by both mum or dad! 

If you know someone who has had a baby, and you're looking to treat them to a present - check out our great gift ideas below!