Why We Love Swaddling!

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When the Firebug was tiny, there was one sure-fire way to get him to sleep, and that was by swaddling him up before putting him to sleep in his cot. He looked so cute wrapped up snug in his blanket, and I was definitely jealous. 

Swaddling is one of the world’s oldest traditions when it comes to baby care. For thousands of years, babies have been wrapped up to be soothed and to promote sleep.  

And we absolutely love swaddling. I spent many evenings searching for the coolest swaddle blankets I could find, until I came across the beautiful range of organic cotton swaddles designed by Modern Burlap in Texas, USA. 

If you have a look at their designs, you will see exactly why I found them so special and unique. 

Let's look at the tremendous benefits of swaddling...

You are my greatest adventure modern burlap muslin


Newborn babies sleep better and importantly LONGER, if they are put to bed in a swaddling blanket. Swaddling decreases the occurrence of the "startle reflex" which frequently wakes them during the night (where your little one throws his or her arms up in the air during sleep). Longer sleep also increases REM sleep time, which is invaluable for your little one's brain development.

This means that swaddling stimulates "sleep continuity". Although its perfectly natural for your newborn to have many short naps throughout the day, swaddling leads them on the path to longer continuous sleep.

When babies sleep better and longer, parents get more sleep, too. So everyone's a winner.


Swaddled babies have been found to have significantly lower levels of nervousness and anxiety. This reduced anxiety could also explain why swaddled babies cry less. Swaddling has been seen to result in a 28% reduction in crying.

Being wrapped nice and cosy may also soothe babies because it reminds them of their time spent in the womb.

Swaddling also reduces the risk of over-stimulation and encourages calmness and a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Babies are not very good at regulating their body temperature. Swaddling keeps a baby warm. Use a breathable cotton blanket to ensure there's no risk of overheating.

You too!

Not only does swaddling reduce anxiety and upset in newborns, but studies have found that mothers who swaddled their newborns, experienced "less maternal anxiety and higher levels of overall parental satisfaction".

Of course, this makes sense, since swaddling reduces crying and fussiness - two things likely to cause any new parent stress and anxiety!

Safe Sleep.

Swaddling makes it difficult for a newborn baby to accidentally cover their face with bedding and decreases their ability to roll onto their tummy - both of which have been linked to higher rates of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in newborn babies.

So, swaddling your little one and laying them down to sleep on their back may actually keep them safer during the night. 

Follow these tips for safe swaddling:

  • Always use a thin, breathable swaddle blanket.
  • Also, swaddle firmly around the newborn's torso, but leave the cloth around his hips and knees loose enough for movement.
  • Always place the baby in the cot on their back while swaddled, and never on their tummy. 
  • Stop swaddling whenever the newborn begins rolling over.

Check It Out!

Our range of muslin swaddle blankets from Modern Burlap are the perfect size for some serious swaddling - coming as a generous 120cm x 120cm square.

All blankets are GOTS certified as 100% organic cotton which is a gorgeous breathable muslin material. Perfect to keep your little one snug, but not too warm.

They are also all monochrome - stimulating brain development in your little one, and come in some really cool designs. My favourite is the superhero "Hero Struck" swaddle! 

Have a look at our full range here.


Modern Burlap Swaddles

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