These are the baby equivalent of the KitchenAid Artisan mixer

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When choosing my KitchenAid mixer, I made several trips into town to see them all lined up together in Selfridges to muse over which colour to go for (I picked Pistachio by the way); and you'll have exactly the same problem when trying to choose between these gorgeous glass baby bottles, and all of their fabulously funky colours.

Not only are they beautiful, but as they are made from only silicone and glass, they're healthy for baby too.

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

Problems with plastics? 

You're probably aware of concerns raised regarding use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles which led to the European Commission banning its use in 2011. 

I thought that as long as my baby's bottle was BPA free, it was safe for them to use, so I was shocked to find out this wasn't necessarily the case (see further reading below). 

The jury's still out on this for me, but if you don’t want to risk plastics with your little one, these lovely bottles are a healthy, beautiful alternative! 

Fabulously Funky

It's nice to find a fairly boring, functional baby product resurrected as a fashionable accessory you actually want to take out and about. 

Each glass baby bottle is protected from drops, bangs and breaks by the bright silicone cover wrapped around each bottle.

The silicone not only gives this bottle a lot of its funky look and feel, but is designed to give increased grip and durability. Each cover is made of medical-grade silicone, completely plastic and latex free; so it's totally safe.

Ditch the Steriliser for the Dishwasher!

I heard fairly recently that sterilising baby bottles is a British thing, apparently in America they often just use their dishwashers to clean their baby's bottles. Since we have such clean water coming out of our taps these days, and the temperature of the dishwasher is so high, it pretty much negates the need for any sterilising unless you have a high risk or premature baby. 

That seemed to make sense to me, and 8 months in, I was pretty fed up with pre-washing bottles before I could put them in the steriliser, so I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, my baby bottles were plastic, and when I took them out after just the one wash, they came out orange!

It seems a tiny amount of ketchup snuck in on a plate and dyed them all! I never did manage to get those bottles back to their original colour.

This isn't a problem with glass baby bottles though. There's no danger these will end up changing colour in the dishwasher. So forget the steriliser and chuck them in the dishwasher, and these bottles will come out just as beautiful as when they went in! No pre-washing required!


Another important point to note about this particular glass bottle, it's made of a special borosilicate glass. This was chosen because it's more durable, and in particular it's highly resistant to extreme changes in temperature.

Lifefactory have tested that the bottles will even stand up to the shock of going from freezer to boiling water! Great if you're expressing for later. 

This is pretty amazing! I've not tested this myself, but perhaps someone reading has? If so, tweet me... @crabandthefox!

Grows with baby

This little bottle also has great longevity.

Starting out as a baby bottle, it quickly turns into a sippy cup with the addition of an interchangeable spout.

Later use it for storing snacks using a flat cap, and pack it in your toddler's lunch box...

Slightly less realistically - How about even using it for storing pencils?! 

Baby Bottle With MilkSippy Cup Flat Cap JarPencils in baby bottle


On a final note, they are also eco-friendly. Glass wins over plastic any day of the week. 

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Further reading:

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