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Teething Baby

Sometimes it's difficult to tell why your 8 month old who was once a "textbook" sleeper, has now started waking 20 times during the night; or why your little one is now a fussy baby, when before she was always the chilled out one.

It could be that teething is to blame for the latest change in your baby's mood.

Here are 5 teething signs:

1. Waking up ALL the time - teething can be painful, so understandably the pain can keep waking your little one at night. If you are suddenly finding it hard to settle your little one down to sleep teething could be the cause. Experts recommending trying to stick to your baby's usual bedtime routine, as this routine will be comforting for her when she's feeling unsettled. 

2. Drooling everywhere! All babies will drool a little bit, but with a teething baby, you certainly know about it. You can smear a small amount of petroleum jelly on your baby's chin to try to protect it from "chapping", and we recommend always wearing a cool bandana bib (in store!) to save you from constant costume changes. Drooling is a definite teething sign.

Bandana Bib from Blade & Rose at Crab and The Fox

3. Rosy red cheeks - bright red cheeks are a pretty good sign of baby teething. Irritation from teeth breaking through your child's gums causes them to gain red cheeks. As well as looking hot and red, you may find they also feel warm to the touch.

4. Chewing fingers, chewing your fingers, chewing any random objects found on the floor.  All babies put things into their mouths, this is how they learn, but if your little one is starting to munch down on everything he can lay his hands on, he's probably teething. Swap fingers for a good teether as this will soothe their gums and make them feel more comfortable. 

5. Being extra grumpy - teething hurts. If your usually mild mannered baby is now grumpy all day, every day, this is a sign they are irritated by their new teeth. Give lots of extra kisses and cuddles to comfort her.

How you can help:

1. Comfort - If they are in pain, the best thing you can do is provide lots of kisses and cuddles and comfort to them.

2. Medicine - Infant safe pain medicines such as calpol will provide temporary relief, perhaps long enough for them to drop off to sleep.

3- Provide a teether - teethers really do help to soothe sore teeth and gums. And teething jewellery is an even better solution as it's jewellery, so it's always on you for when your little one needs it. 

It's also stylish, summery and functional for you. 

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