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The sun is out and the sky is blue (at least for the moment!).... so it's the perfect time get your baby's toes out, and upgrade from a sleep-suit to a cool summer romper!

We are so excited to have a fabulous range of Albetta rompers at Crab and The Fox, made from 100% of the finest cotton, with the signature Albetta hand-crocheted image across the chest.

These rompers are totally unique and from the first touch, you can feel the quality of the design.

Crochet is immensely fashionable at the moment, so it's great to see a range of rompers using this technique in a way which is completely different to anything else you might find on the high street. 

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So, Let's focus on.... Albetta

Annabel Landra founded Albetta in 1999, after she became interested in fabrics and African handcrafts whilst working for Unicef in West Africa. After giving birth to her first two children, Annabel wanted to create a clothing brand for children that was fun and colourful, but also practical.

Quick Fact: Albetta is named after the eldest of Annabel's four children

Annabel and Alba (nicknamed "Albetta") are shown together in the photo below.

Baby Albetta with Annabel

Annabel left West African and moved to Ho Chi Min City (Saigon), where she decided to set up a small workshop and commence production of her Albetta baby clothes. As Annabel would often sing nursery rhymes to her children, these nursery rhymes inspired the designs of her first collection. 

In the late 1990s, most people still rode motorbikes throughout Saigon, and there were hardly any cars and only a couple of tall buildings within the city. The Albetta workshop was established in the middle of rice paddy fields, but due to the amazing progress within Saigon, it is now part of a modern business park on the edge of one of Asia's fastest growing cities.

Quick Fact: Albetta's factory opened in the year of the cat.

From starting out with only 10 staff, Albetta now employ over 100 people, 90% of which are women. Working for Albetta has proven so popular that people come from all over Vietnam to work with Annabel.

Albetta also have staff in India, France and the UK.

Staff at Albetta in Vietnam

Each of Annabel's children have inspired her designs over the years, leading to her creation of a pirates themed collection, floral collection and a variety of angel wing sleep suits and babygrows.

Annabel says that even her children's lunch box designs have had an influence on her clothing!

Vietnam has a long tradition of exquisite embroidery and handicrafts, and Annabel really wanted to continue that tradition at Albetta. She looks to blend these traditional talents with new ideas, resulting in beautiful, quality products.

Albetta has now become famous for their handmade baby clothes which make use of traditional handicraft techniques such as appliqué, beading, crochet and embroidery.


Albetta is a member of Sedex, the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange, which uses the latest technology to enable companies to maintain and share data on labour practices in the supply chain.

It's important to Annabel that she gives back to her local community, so Albetta work closely with a number of local charities to support a wide range of activities within Vietnam.

The photo below shows one of Albetta's recent initiatives. Working in the mountains that border China (in the north of Vietnam), clothes and boots were given away to children in need. 


Albetta Charity Work

We currently have Albetta's Spring/Summer 2016 collection in stock and there's sure to be something you will love among these super cool baby clothes!

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