May Day - Floral Splendour

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Yay, for long bank holiday weekends! 

To celebrate May Day and all of its floral splendour, here are my May Day inspired baby must haves!

Many of our customs and folklore have their roots planted firmly back in the Dark Ages, when the Celts divided their year by four major festivals. May day harks back to that time, and celebrates the pagan festival of Beltane or ‘the fire of Bel’. This celebration was later merged with the Roman festival of Flora, marking the beginning of summer.

Today, May Day is celebrated across the UK as a time of love, romance and fertility. 

I love May Day - It's one of my favourite times of year. The weather is getting warmer, and all the local towns celebrate with fetes and morris dancing in the streets. It reminds me of being little, but old enough to cycle into town with my friends to buy penny sweets, and try to win a fish in a bag (ok... now I'm sounding old!)

1. Daisy Leggings and Socks

Daisy Leggings on a girl

Villages across the UK hold fetes and other fun activities to celebrate 1st May, and part of those celebrations often includes the crowning of a May Queen. This often sees local girls compete for the crown in honour of Flora, the Roman goddess.

Our beautiful Daisy Leggings with matching socks are perfect for little ones who are just learning to crawl, and love floral patterns. As well as daisies climbing up the legs, there's the trademark Blade & Rose image planted on the bum - in this case, a large white and yellow daisy flower.

These cute little daisy leggings and matching socks, would be great for any wannabe May Queen (or Roman Goddess for that matter).

Daisy Leggings Main ImageDaisy Socks from Blade and Rose

Brand: Blade & Rose
Price: £10 GBP for leggings, £5.50 for socks
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK delivery for orders £35+
Link: Find Here

2. A Midsummer Night's Dream

May Day would not be complete without a mention of the Bard's classic; now coming to you as baby friendly -"Little Master Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream".

I love the full BabyLit range, but "A Midsummer Night's Dream - A Fairies Primer" is a particular favourite of mine. Mainly because I love seeing this play whenever it's showing at the open air theatre.

Just saying the title conjures up memories of picnics and summer.  I love the idea of introducing such a magical play to the Firebug as early as I can. 

Midsummer Nights Dream

  Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Brand: BabyLit
Price: £5.50
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK delivery for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


3. Elodie Printed Jersey Romper

Albetta RomperAlbetta Elodie Jersey Romper

Traditionally, May Day began early in the morning for most households and it was a floral affair. Families would go out before sunrise in order to gather flowers and greenery to decorate their houses and villages with in the belief that the vegetation spirits would bring them some good fortune.

So, continuing our May Day floral theme through the night, this gorgeous Albetta floral romper, is cool and light - great for the warmer summer months. 

Even May Queens need their beauty sleep.

Brand: Albetta
Price: £18
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK delivery for orders £35+
Link: Find Here

4. Miss Muh

Miss Muh Cow Rattle

Beltane traditionally marked the beginning of summer and the time when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures. Gaelic rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. 

So... in celebration of this ritual, here is our "Miss Muh".

Miss Muh is a hand-crocheted rattle stick in the shape of a cute little cow. When you shake her, she makes a soft rattle sound.

natureZOO products are made from the very softest of bamboo yarns, making them perfect for babies and small children. 

Brand: natureZOO
Price: £13.50
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK delivery for orders £35+
Link: Find Here

5. Woodland Tea Party Feast

We have such a fabulous selection of bamboo dinnerware from Love Mae, with woodland and summer themed illustrations, it was difficult to pick just one, but the "Woodland Tea Party Feast" is perfect for a May Day celebration!

With the bunting and the summery colours, this is great to take with you on a picnic or to use at home in the garden with your little one. The border of the main plate is covered in a gorgeous scattering of summer flowers, continuing our floral theme.

Woodland Tea Party Dinner Set 

Brand: Love Mae
Price: £25
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK delivery for orders £35+
Link: Find Here 

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