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Monochrome is the new "must have" for all babies.

Not only is it gorgeous and stylish, but the benefits for brain development and improving eyesight have been heavily documented. In fact, we are now told, the best way to stimulate a baby’s vision is by using black and white stripes, or repeat patterns; as well as light and dark contrasting colours. So maybe we all need to re-paint those nurseries?

This works because high contrasts of black and white register powerfully on a baby’s retina, and send the strongest visual signals to the baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean greater brain growth and faster visual development. Surround your baby with black and white, or light and dark pictures, and your baby will be transfixed.

Below is a selection of my favourite monochrome goodies for your little one. 

1. Modern Burlap

Modern Burlap Muslin Swaddle Hero Struck

Modern Burlap say, "Black and white are more than just design choices.™ " They have developed their products specifically to stimulate your baby's brain. 

Style has not been secondary to this however. These are not your ordinary, cutesy muslin swaddles. These are bold and adventurous designs. I particularly love their Hero Struck Swaddle which is covered in repeat patterns of superhero masks and lightning bolts.

You can pick yours up for £20 here

2. Skunk pram toy

Sir Skunk Pram Toy from NatureZoo

We love natureZoo of Denmark. Their items are all hand crocheted and made of the finest organic bamboo which is so incredibly soft to the touch. NatureZoo have a huge selection of toys, and they happen to have a lovely little black and white skunk as part of their "pram mobile" toy collection.

This little skunk is sure to capture your little one's attention, and as it's completely monochrome, it will be working wonders on your baby's brain development when you're out and about.

Here for £16.50 

3. Bam Kippins

Bam Kippin from Kippins

Another beautiful monochrome item, this one is perfect for your little one to keep on him at all times. It's a wonderful comforter from Kippins. 

Bam Kippin is covered in a repeat black and white pattern of "XOX", which will provide hours of stimulation for your little one. He's also completely organic, made from organic materials and only organic inks. 

You can pick one up here for £21

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