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I've been thinking about birthday gifts for the Firebug, as he turns one at the end of May. So far I've not had much luck with coming up with any birthday ideas, but I did start thinking about all the things I wish I'd had bought (or even better, had been "given"), when the Firebug came home from hospital, those 10 months ago.  

So I've put together my top 5 gifts for newborns.

Whether you're a parent, friend or relative; check out our ideas below to find something special for the new baby in your life.

1. Bam Kippin

Bam Kippins Comforter

All babies need someone to snuggle with, so a comforter makes a perfect gift for any newborn. 

Studies have shown that introducing a newborn to a comforter early on, will allow them to build a loving attachment to that object, which will in turn will make them feel completely safe and secure when their parents aren't there.

This attachment can be so strong that many parents find their child still loves their comforter well into their toddler years, so choose wisely! You may just find this comforter is around for many many years to come!

This beautiful comforter, Bam Kippin, is brought to you from Australian brand Kippins who have a whole tribe of kippins with the sole objective of looking after your little one.

Bam is a cute little black and white zebra, smothered in xoxox repeat patterns of kisses and hugs. He's completely monochrome.

You've probably heard that black and white, repeating high contrast colours are great for visual stimulation and helping newborns improve their eye sight and brain development, so Bam Kippin makes the perfect companion. What's more, Bam is completely safe for the youngest of babies, made from 100% organic cotton, and printed using only organic inks.

Brand: Kippins 
Price: £21 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


2. Lily Teething Necklace

Lily Teething Necklace from Lara and Ollie

A great distraction during nappy changes and a great thing for your little one to pull at during breastfeeding (saving your hair!)

I don't know what it is about this teething jewellery, but the Firebug just loves to chew on them so much more than other teethers we have bought. Maybe it's because he feels like he's doing something he's not actually allowed to do (which sounds about right!), or maybe it's the super soft silicone these are made of. Whatever it is, babies love these, and these need to be included when buying a gift for a newborn!

Brand: Lara & Ollie 
Price: £12.50 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here

3.  Lifefactory glass baby bottles - 4oz bundle

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles Bundle - Pink & Lilac

Now is the perfect time to get stocked up on bottles ready for expressing or formula feeding. And this beautiful baby bundle makes a great gift for new parents, as it comes with two glass bottles, in complementary colours, in a 4oz / 120ml size - the perfect size to fill up a newborn's tummy and beyond.

These bottles are the healthiest you can give to your delicate newborn. Made from only glass and medical grade silicone, not a single nasty comes into contact with the milk feeding your precious baby. 

Whilst plastic bottles may be BPA-free, these glass bottles are just glass and silicone, so they are completely free from phthalates, BPA, BPS (Bisphenol S) or any other horrid chemicals.

But, this doesn't mean they are purely functional - they are also extremely cute, with a lovely range of colours you can choose from. This bundle pack comes with a pink and lilac bottle and matching teether. 

Brand: Lifefactory 
Price: £32 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


 4. Tiny Bunny Cot Mobile

Tiny Bunny Cot Mobile from Petit Pehr

Finding a cot mobile was something I really struggled with when I was looking for ideas for the Firebug's nursery. Because of this, I feel like he really missed out on some important visual stimulation in his very early weeks. I wanted a beautiful mobile for his nursery that we could treasure, but I just couldn't find one that was special enough.

Now I have - this cute little bunny mobile is perfect for not just a newborn, but a spring born!

Completely handcrafted by artisans, this mobile is made lovingly of felted wool. In neutral colours this is great for either a little boy or girl. I particularly love the cluster of hanging carrots. I'm sure I could stare at this and be happily hypnotised into sleep.

Brand: Petit Pehr 
Price: £60 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


5. Kokoso Coconut Oil

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

It was only 10 months ago that I had the Firebug and back then I was being told to rub olive oil into his skin in order to keep him soft and resolve any problems with cradle cap etc. That's all changed, and the new guidelines are to use coconut oil.

These cute little pots of coconut oil are great because they are small enough that you can easily carry them around in your (already overloaded) changing bag without taking up too much additional space.

The coconuts selected to go into these pots are the finest, organic coconuts to ensure that only the best oil is rubbed onto your little one. 

This coconut oil can help with so many of the problems you might face with your that its more of a staple than a gift, but for this reason we had to add it to our top 5!

Kokoso Baby can help with cradle cap, baby acne, dry skin conditions and so much more. It's so safe you can use it on your baby immediately after birth.

Use it as a moisturiser for beautifully soft, healthy baby skin; or take it along to your baby massage class and use this instead, it's much better for your little one! 

Brand: Kokoso Baby
Price: £5.50 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here

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