Easter Gifts For Babies - Our Top 5 Chocolate Alternatives

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Before having the Firebug, I never understood the urge to dress your child up like a Christmas elf, or Easter rabbit. I always swore I would never do it, protesting he was a little person and not a doll; but then I found myself at Christmas dashing around at the last minute, searching all the shops to find a costume so that I wouldn't be the only mum that was seen to have made zero effort at his baby yoga class.

I had left it so late that there was only a Christmas pudding left in his size, so I grabbed it quickly.

That outfit served him well, between NCT Christmas parties, the yoga class, Christmas Sensory class etc, etc; I'm sure I saved money on actual clothes the number of times I managed to dress him up in it; and let's face it - he did look cute! Oh, and now I have another a photo to torment him with when he turns 18.

But, it seems like the dressing up expectation is here again now that it's Easter. I've already received numerous Facebook reminders not to forget his costume for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (you get the picture)... I'm just not sure I can put him through it again for Easter.

Of course, I want to celebrate and make a fuss of the Firebug’s First Christmas, Birthday and Easter... I just want to do this in a way that doesn't mean going crazy with sugar and chocolate eggs (or costumes!). So in the spirit of celebration, I have a list of my Top 5 Gifts for Babies that don't involve sugar, chocolate or dressing up! 

1. Petit Pehr Counting Sheep Mobile

 Petit Pehr Counting Sheep Mobile Easter Lamb

Petit Pehr are a brand I'm so excited to have come across. Based in Canada, their products mix classical and modern designs and this gorgeous sheep mobile is a great example of that. Felting was originally an ancient process used for the creation of clothing as early as 5000 B.C, but there has recently been a resurgence of interest in felted wool products and crafts. Today artists use special barbed needles to craft sculptures through a process of piercing wool until all the fibres are interlocked and matted together while cleverly shaping it into a beautiful animal (in this case a sheep). Felted mobiles are particularly popular at the moment, but hard to find. Not only is this one handcrafted and exquisite, it's really good value for what is essentially an individual item. This would be perfect as a spring themed Easter gift for a very lucky baby! 

Brand: Petit Pehr
Price: £55.00 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


2. PlanToys Chicken Puzzle

PlanToys Chicken Puzzle

I'm a big fan of PlanToys, and this puzzle is a great idea for teaching your little one where eggs come from. Firebug loves puzzles like this. He loves things he can bang, but he also loves puzzles with big uncomplicated pieces like this so he can his best go at trying to get it somewhere near the slot. It also helps that I really love what PlanToys stands for. They use only sustainable wood, organic inks and water-based dyes. Their toys take you back to the basics, and focus on traditional play and working towards development milestones. Another great gift for Easter. Recommended for ages 12 months+

Brand: PlanToys
Price: £14.41 GBP
Store Location: Worldwide (Amazon etc) 
Shipping: Ships to UK
Link: Find Here


3. Love Mae Woodland Tea Party Feast Bamboo Dinner Set

Love Mae Studio Woodland Tea Bamboo Dinner Set Flowers

I adore Love Mae, their designs are so whimsical they conjure up all the good memories I have of my childhood - running around in woodland, building camps and believing in magic. To me, this makes them just perfect for Easter. Love Mae dinnerware is the perfect size for little hands, and it's all made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, incredibly fashionable bamboo. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Love Mae produce all their products locally; they believe in always keeping the environment in mind when making manufacturing decisions. Another great message for Easter. I want one of these myself! 

Brand: Love Mae
Price: £25.00 GBP
Store Location: UK
Shipping: Ships worldwide, Free UK postage for orders £35+
Link: Find Here


4. TOMY Play to Learn Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs

TOMY Play To Learn Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs

No one was more surprised than I was, when this made the list. The truth is though, the Firebug absolutely loves these little eggs. He especially loves smashing the egg shells together. He hasn't quite worked out the subtleties of the box, so hasn't worked out to fit each egg into the box by matching the shape on the bottom; nor has he noticed that the colour of the faces on the shells match the chicks inside the eggs (to be fair to him, grandma had to point this out to mummy too!), but hopefully this means there's growth enough in this simple toy, to see him through a good few more months. And at around £7.00 these could easily make a perfect easter egg substitute. Great for babies aged 6 months+

Brand: TOMY
Price: £7.49 GBP
Store Location: Worldwide (Amazon etc) 
Shipping: Ships to UK
Link: Find Here

 5. Organic Crochet Teether with Wooden Beads and Rabbits Head

Organic Crochet Teether Wooden with rabbit

This is a cute little find on Etsy, from a store based in Latvia. You'll know I'm a fan of crochet baby toys if you've seen my natureZoo selection, and these little teethers with their small crochet rabbit heads would be perfect as an easter gift for any little one. BBoutique Beauties teethers are made of natural wooden beads with a 100% eco-friendly cotton crochet rabbit head, available in a selection of colours. Great for chewing on instead of easter chocolate, leaving more for me! 

Brand: BBoutique Beauties
Price: £9.47 GBP
Store Location: Latvia 
Shipping: Ships to UK
Link: Find Here



On a final note, I know I said no costumes, but if after all of that you still want to dress your little one up in an Easter costume, we've found this totally adorable one. 


Brand: Lil' Creatures
Price: £41.68 GBP
Store Location: Australia 
Shipping: Ships to UK
Link: Find Here


Of course, being us, there would be no rabbits around here - we'd have to go with their Lil' Fox! 


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